Quality promise

Quality promiseAs a responsible provider of community based services, we take seriously the importance of delivering great services through our dedicated care teams. At all times we strive to provide the best care we can. We have a number of ways that we assess quality and care standards.

Quality Assurance

Whilst we endeavour to obtain a broad range of information the focus is particularly on feedback from the service user or their representative

We seek feedback on how we:

  • assess needs appropriately and how those needs are met
  • address and minimise health, welfare and safety risks
  • listen to feedback
  • support, develop and maintain a high quality care team
  • can incorporate new ideas and feedback into our service development

Importantly, we then spend a lot of time evaluating feedback in order to ensure continuous improvement in our services and staff.

Care Governance Strategy

WarrenCare has established a Care Governance framework which ensures the organisation is accountable for continuously improving the quality of services and safeguarding high standards of care.

Put simply, every month our management teams present detailed reports on performance, ensuring we can:

  • Plan our services effectively
  • Recruit and train new and existing care workers to agreed requirements
  • Provide the right resources to all our teams
  • Ensure our services remain focussed, well planned and safely delivered

Read more on the core values of Care Governance (here):