Package offers

7We always try to ensure our services are the best value they can be, as a result we have a number of package offers and pricing models available. We will also always aim to match a genuine comparable quote.

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We already provide services to hundreds of people from an hour a week through to full live-in or 24hour rostered care and support. This means we can offer you a service that fits with your requirements but can flex at your request.

Here are a couple of popular options:

Services for an hour a week or less

You might just want an hour per week of housework, or a bath once a week. With competitive single hour rates call us to discuss your requirements. Remember, you can move to other options whenever you like.



A regular service purchased in minimum two hour blocks for a discounted price (terms and conditions apply)

Blocks can be used over a rolling two week period, maximising your choice and opportunity, if you don't use it one week – roll it in to the next, simple.

Additional discounts apply for larger flexi-Help bookings – call us to discuss your requirements!

How it works

  • We agree a regular support plan with you from any of our services available
  • We agree a timetable for the visit(s) you require over the flexible 2 week period
  • We agree the total costs of the service and arrange the method of payment
  • If you need to change a visit, just let us know within 24hours and we will rebook it within the two week period
  • We bill you every two weeks, detailing clearly the services provided
  • Regular flexi-help bookings have a 2 week rolling maximum period (for example any unused time from a regular weekly 2 hour block would roll over against the next week, until such time the spare time was used up)
  • Through regular contact with you, we track the flexi-help block usage and support you to book the time you need in, so if you want to change your plans we can adjust accordingly – flexibly and to suit you!
  • Minimum visit duration = 30 minutes
  • Visits falling on Public Holidays are charged at double charge rate
  • A 2 hour Flexi-help block must be used within a two week period from booking date, otherwise the full block charge applies
  • Minimum 24hours notice required to change a confirmed visit

Case study

J has a regular 4 hour per week flexi-Help booking. This service is to help with showering and hair washing two mornings a week for 30minutes per visit to cover for when her daughter is away from home. The remaining 3 hours are used to prepare a hot nutritious meal 4 times per week for 45minutes per visit, to flexibly work around the days when J is out and about or when she has visitors.

Sometimes J reduces the number of days she has a meal, it might be due to a hospital visit or unscheduled trip out. J lets us know with agreed notice and we then re-use the time for another visit, provided it fits within the 2 week booking period. Sometimes this is simply moved to a new day or J might ask for the visit to be replaced with a different type of visit, an ironing call for example. We don't mind- it's her service!

We bill J every fortnight and we have a direct debit set up to ensure simplicity of process and payment, we even email her daughter to let her know all is well on the days she isn't there – that's how J likes it and we are more than happy to do this.

J's service is fairly typical, our Care teams can talk with you about your needs, whether they be mainly personal care or simply some help around the house – we can work with you at your pace and at your convenience, just give us a call to discuss.

Our services are always bespoke to you and created to ensure you can live your life the way you want!

"Home Respite", "Live-in" and "Escorted Holidays"

We can offer great value on live-in and 24hour packages of care. We generally discuss these services with you directly. Call now to discuss and arrange a no obligation visit from one of our team.