Dementia Support

WarrenCare has 19 years' experience of delivering short and long term care and support to people with dementia.

We believe that the key to providing successful dementia services that support people with dementia to achieve stability, develop and maintain their independence within the community is:

  • Person centred services
  • Continuity of care workers
  • Staff training
  • Knowledge and understanding of dementia

Person Centred Services

  • Person centred planning (PCP) can be particularly important for service users with dementia who are no longer able to communicate their likes and preferences verbally.
  • The PCP process can ensure family members & friends are involved in producing a plan that helps care workers to understand who the service user is, what is important to them, what they like/dislike, how they communicate that they are happy/unhappy/upset etc.
  • An understanding of who a person is/their history etc can assist a care worker to support that person and develop a relationship.


  • We strive to achieve continuity for all of our service users but this is particularly important to achieve stability for people with dementia.
  • It is essential that service users are able to develop relationships and routines with their care worker.
  • Care workers must develop an understanding of the service user, how they communicate and how to encourage them to accept assistance and support.

We achieve this by:

  • Identifying a small team of care workers who have received specialist training
  • Allocating regular workers to each service user
  • Introducing a small number of alternate workers
  • Preparing the service user for periods of planned absence
  • Providing photographs of care workers to act as a prompt for service users where this is beneficial

Maintaining & Developing Independence

  • During assessment and the PCP process the service user will be asked what their goals are and how the service can support them.
  • Outcomes will be developed to enable the effectiveness of the service to be measured.
  • It is common for service users to want to maintain or increase their current levels of independence.
  • WarrenCare will work with the service user, their family and others involved in their care to identify ways to support this.

Dementia Champion

Within the Group we are proud to have 2 "Dementia Champions" who are responsible for:

  • Delivering dementia training to our workforce
  • Producing and distributing information leaflets
  • Linking with local branches of the Alzheimer's Society to promote their services and discuss ways in which our specialist dementia services can be developed.
  • Raising awareness
  • Providing information and signpost resources and services for service users and their families