Supported living

Supported livingHaving your own home is one of the most basic, but most fulfilling aspirations. WarrenCare has provided supported living services since 2003. This is a specialist service tailored for individuals who have learning disabilities, physical disabilities and high dependency needs, such as Autism, visual impairments and Epilepsy. We provide a support service that enables a person to live independently in their own home with twenty four hour support.

Each of our supported living services is supported by a dedicated, consistent, experienced staff team and services include:

  • Support to develop independent living skills including: shopping, household chores, planning and preparing meals, budgeting and paying bills, cooking and cleaning.
  • Support to access the local community and develop links and relationships within the community and sustain social networking.
  • Support with personal care
  • Support to help maintain their tenancy

WarrenCare would support you to live as independently as possible within your own home, and empower you to make decisions that will impact on your care. WarrenCare will ensure that the people chosen to support you will be trained to meet your needs. We would assist you with the transition of moving into your new accommodation and work with you to facilitate a person centered plan. This will set out your hopes and dreams for the future and the choices you would like to make and how we can support you to make these things happen. It may include things like managing your finances, using public transport, making friends or sustaining relationships and also finding employment.

We will always act in your best interests, and where necessary work with other agencies to ensure your voice is heard.

Supporting G, a 41 year old lady with a severe learning disability

In 2003 WarrenCare was asked to be the provider of support for a 41 year old lady with a severe learning disability and challenging behaviour. When G initially started to receive support from us she was very set in her routine and was extremely anxious of what was happening next in her life/routine.

Prior to G moving into supported living she was unable to attend the day centre due to her challenging behaviours and this had also caused a breakdown within her family home, resulting in her living in a hostel until a provider was identified to support her to live in her own tenancy.

G started to receive support from WarrenCare and initially she was very intimidating and physically aggressive. During each support she would challenge other service users, as well as staff and physically hit, kick and shout at people. Over time, as she became more confident and settled in her new home she was more able to manage her levels of anxiety and with our support de-escalate before becoming distressed. G is a very kind and gentle lady who loves to be included and participate in activities within the community and we love supporting her and we are proud of the difference it has made to her life.

Since moving into her own house G has become settled and secure in her own home. She has been on holiday with her support staff, which she really enjoyed and has enjoyed trips to the theatre, an activity that would not have been possible in the past due to the risks involved with members of the public.

G also enjoys sitting out in her garden relaxing on her lounger or swing chair and tends to her garden, which she loves.

Living in her own accommodation really has improved her quality of life, she has control over where she goes, what she would like to do and how she would like her home to be. Her staff team are committed to ensure G reaches her full potential and remains happy in her environment.